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An alliance is all about people and organizations coming together in a common cause. The common cause of the NDA is deer and deer hunting. The backbone of the NDA is the three deer conservation groups above and the many thousands of deer hunters who have come together to work to ensure our deer hunting heritage. We urge you to join not only the National Deer Alliance, but one or all of these fine conservation organizations as well.
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Search For NDA President/CEO Initiated

The NDA was founded a little over a year ago by the QDMA, who were quickly joined by the MDF and WTU. An interim Executive Director was selected and a Board of Directors was put in place to get the organization up and running. The NDA has grown to the point of requiring the services of a full time President/CEO. A national search is being conducted now until we find the best person to lead the NDA. VIEW JOB DESCRIPTION

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